Poplar Grove is essentially a facility for retreats, whether they be Zen retreats, bird watching, walking, yoga, resting or any other kind. It is not really suitable for overnight stays. The facility is closed to all visitors for the months of February, July and December each year.

There is a self-catering cottage at Poplar Grove, with no electricity but with hot water and a small fridge, plus a basic provision of milk, eggs, tea, coffee etc. Further rooms and hermitages are available by arrangement.

Poplar Grove offers a variety of bird life and small game, safe walks, a sky filled with stars, a small library, and a Zendo (meditation room). Interviews with the Zen teacher can be requested if the teacher is available. Signed copies of Antony’s books Stoep Zen, Zen Dust and Mzansi Zen can be bought. The water is pure and sweet.

To stay at Poplar Grove, please contact Margie at the address or number on the Contacts page for availability, cost and directions.